Violent Shark Attack

So you are 13 years old and in the middle of a violent shark attack. Your left arm has just been ripped away from your body at the shoulder. You are dead right? Wrong! No way you are dying here today, not today, not you. You are Bethany Hamilton, you have the heart of a champion and the will to over come and survive. This is the true story of a real epic winner. Born and raised in Hawaii she started to surf at around 3 years old and at the age of 8 she won her first competition. About a month after the attack she began to surf again and in 2004 she won an espy and in 2005 a major competition. And now she has a movie based on her life. Soul Surfer. Go see it.


Sgt. Giunta a real hero

I don’t care how you feel about the politics of war or whether you believe in war or not. What i don’t understand is how you can not support true american heroes. Those brave men and women who defend our way of life. Those men and women who don’t decide whether or not we go into conflict or whether it is justified or not or who we defend our nation against. They just simply go and fight with bravery and honor. They are true heroes. Not the sports star or the kid who calls 911 because his mother passes out. Staff Sgt Salvatore Giunta is one of thousands of epic winners in our armed forces. He is a true hero who in the face of eminent death caught in a violent ambush,  he ran to the aid of one of his fellow soldiers Sgt Josh Brennan who had been mortally wounded and being dragged away by the enemy. Sgt. Giunta ran straight at the enemy, killing one of them and scaring one-off, then picked up Sgt. Brennan and  carried him back to safety. This man is an EPIC WINNER. Tell us about an epic winner in your life.


This is my ANTHEM song and what i believe and what i want this blog to represent. Nothing but POSITIVE. Every body on earth should watch and listen to this video. From Rascal Flatts. SHARE it with your kids or some one special. Then write and leave a comment on the EPIC WINNERS IN YOUR LIFE. (Here are the words to the first minute or so of this song.) So you made a lot of mistakes – walked down the road a little side ways – cracked a rib when you hit the wall – yea so didn’t do your best – it pulled you down faster than a sun set – hey it happens to us all – when the cold hard rain just won’t quit and can’t see your way out of it – your faith has been lost and shaken – here’s your chance and it’s worth taking – get on your knees and dig down deep you can do what you think is impossible – keep on believing and don’t give in you got the strength to race the wind – remember what one hard dream can do – YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE – you can weather any storm – don’t you know that you were BORN TO WIN.

Welcome Epic Winners!

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